Garden Manager Software
Version 4.01
The only software specifically for Square Foot Gardening!

User comments about Garden Manager

  • "Worked like a charm. I'm off and mapping!" - BC from Wisconsin
  • "Your program is the answer to my prayers! The screen shots were excellent and the features are exactly what I was looking for, and found lacking in the (many) other garden software programs that I have tried!!!" -MD from California
  • "I want square foot software so bad, I would give up the internet to have it. I'd be too busy to surf anyway!!!!" -AGP
  • "It is quite the program. I downloaded it the other night and loaded it tonight. It was easy, even for someone like me who gets everything mixed up. The program is easy to use and I like the 5 areas he has. It would be a nice program for my students at school..." -JW from Florida
  • "It looks really neat and I think I'll greatly enjoy using it, and that it will be very helpful. Great Job!!" -JJL
  • "I downloaded your program and really like it! I look forward to your revised software for blocks of difference sizes." LC from Tennessee
  • "I got it! I love it!" -BR from Prince Edward Island
  • "I really like the program so far...Keep up the great work. Thanks." -Terrill from North Carolina
  • "Please register me for Garden Manager. I am Vice president of our Rotary Club in Dillon, SC and plan to use your program to do a club project for one of our Elementary Schools...Thanks" -RB from South Carolina
  • "This year I plan to use your system with my fourth grade class. When I found your shareware online I was excited to see that I might not have to create my own planning sheets." -CS from California
  • "Had a quick play with your program and it looks like fun. Thanks for taking the time to upgrade it!" -SL from Lincoln, New Zealand
  • "It's a nice program...I ran it on a PC and it looks ideal. So valuable to be able to keep this kind of record, it can reveal so much more than paper notes." -KA from Hong Kong
  • "'s exactly what I've been looking for! I really like it..." - SKR

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